Magnolia Square

Services we offer

There are 4 key types of plan which we survey and
draw up in and around London. Below are brief outlines, scenarios and examples.

Land Registry Leaseplans

Instantly understood and tailored to suit your lease document.

Magnolia Square know that a long lease transaction cannot take place without an HM Land Registry Compliant Leaseplan. Mostly this requires a complete redraw of an old plan that no longer meets Land Registry standards. Sometimes the property has changed because the title is split, and needs a new Title Plan. Alternatively the building may have been altered, because an extension has been built and therefore requires a Deed of Rectification. With one call you can leave us to take over the responsibility of providing a new plan which satisfies all Land Registry Practice Guide 40 criteria. Additionally we offer an amendments service ensuring your plan cross references accurately with the lease document itself once all parties are in agreement.

100% Land
Registry Compliant

Highly competitive
quotes tailored to you

Drawing plans
since 2004

Quick on-site
survey turnaround

All amendments
included in the fee

Land Registry Site Plans

Simply drawn plans offering an accurate representation.

These are ‘First Registration’ and ‘Transfer of Part’ plans and outline the exact area in question, to the standard H M Land Registry require. Examples can include large plots of land which are being sub divided through to small areas of an existing building never having been previously registered. Give us a detailed brief and we will determine the best way to deliver your plan promptly either with or without the benefit of a site visit.

UK wide coverage

Full amendments
service available

Cost effective and time saving

Measured surveys

Our measured surveys show the overall situation simply and concisely

The basis of a good architectural proposal is a high quality existing survey and plan. If you are hiring an architect or other qualified professional we can provide them with a compatible CAD file which is fundamental to everything that follows. It will save you time and money because we carry out these surveys on a daily basis using rapid production techniques which enable us to offer our most competitive prices.

Experts in industry
standard technology

CAD files
provided to you

Excellent construction

Loft conversions
or extension plans

Plans suitable for
‘Licences to alter’

Area calculations

Precise measurements according to industry standards.

Chartered Surveyors and both Residential and Commercial
agents in London are acutely aware that providing a warranted
area calculation or ‘Duty of Care’ is a key factor in marketing a property successfully.
With high property values across the Capital, clients understand
the importance of a good cross referenced area calculation
which can give confidence and speed up the entire process.
With our highly competitive pricing and substantial Professional
Indemnity, a small investment does not only provide significant
peace of mind but also pas for itself in the short term.

Measured according
to RICS Code

Precise attention
to detail

We provide proportions
for accurate service charges

CAD and DWG formatted
plans provided

Surveying all types
of buildings.

Why choose Magnolia Square?

Fast Turnarounds

Every part of our process is designed to deliver the plans to you in minimal time and we provide regular updates so you can keep track of progress.

Cost Effective

Our simple streamlined
processes minimize costs and
mean we can offer great value to you and your clients.

Clear and Concise

Our eye catching plans are designed to be straightforward enough for your clients to understand.

Accurate Representations

We have worked hard to gain a reputation for consistently providing plans which meet HM Land Registry standards so you can be confident of acceptance at first submission.